“The forum” radio talk show

Every Tuesday at 9:00 am on Life and Spirit Online


One Hour Live Radio Talk Show

The goal of The Forum Talk Show is to provide a public medium whereby currently relevant and often controversial issues, ideas and views can be openly and freely exchanged between the host(s) and listening audience. Viewers are given the opportunity to respond to host views and opinions and freely express their own.

Being forthright in our positions and opinions, we seek to broaden our audience’s general knowledge and understanding relative to the issues being discussed. Our intent is to bring awareness to public interest questions and concerns on a personal, local, and national level.

The show is designed to be informative, enlightening and entertaining.


what’s Included in the broadcast format:

 Special guests (daily topic)

 Foodie/Health Corner

 Entertainment

 Economic Outlook Special guests

 Trending News

 Music

 Audience Clap Back

 Announcement

Topics to be included:


 Parenting from a Biblical Perspective

 Entertainment Industry

 Pop Culture

 Business

 Sports

 Fashion

 Music Industry

 Abuse/Spousal/Child

 Law Enforcement

 Justice System

 Government/Politics

 Violence (against and within the black community)

 Racism (against people of color)

 Religion

 History (true of fabricated)

 Health/Beauty (medical, insurance)

 Science

 Education

 International Affairs

 Current Events

 The Arts

 Sexuality

 Finance (social security, entrepreneurship, debt, home buying)

 Marriage/Relationships

 Cultural Issues

 Social Issues

 Motherhood

 Dating

 Sex/Slave & Human Trafficking

 Dark & Deep Web

 Women in Ministry