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Is a ministry focused on addressing the specific challenges faced by women. The intent…is to provide a relaxed environment whereby women of all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, social and economic status, races, cultures and beliefs, can come together uninhibited and share, minister, heal, fellowship and grow together as they learn to love and appreciate themselves and each other. Its’ an opportunity for women to “share their stories”, and allow them to bless their sisters to know that they are not alone in life’s struggles. Sisterhood is encouraged and fortified in these intimate gatherings, and ministry, love, food and fellowship abounds! Several outreach events are held annually so be certain to follow us on social media and visit our site for updates!!



Social Justice Outreach Movement…

Is a grassroots movement dedicated to the principle of “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”!!! Our goal is to effect change in biased societal norms and issues regarding civil liberties and social justice inequalities relative to people of color. We are promoting unified community activism from a grassroots level that will encourage progressive and sustainable change in the negative manner in which people of color are perceived and treated in this nation.

Our agenda is straight-forward, we are seeking long-term remedies to these challenging issues being faced by people of color. It is imperative that we have concrete, valid assurances from our government and law enforcement agencies that our concerns are taken seriously, and that immediate action is forthcoming to adequately address them. We seek to unite and collaborate with like-minded movements, coalitions, social and civic entities, individuals and organizations that are seeking to promote positive change within our communities and our nation, relative to people of color. It is critical that the current narrative is relevant, united, and focused on the issues and not the actions of those protesting the issues.

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Healthy Eating Vegan & Vegetarian Cooking Classes
Vegan and vegetarian cooking classes are presented to health conscious audiences who are looking to expand their recipe library and delve more in-depth into a healthy alternative lifestyle. Demonstration of preparation techniques are fun and entertaining and offer great ideas for meat-less meals. Feel free to contact us for a class(s).



St Jude Children’s Research Hospital… treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases free of charge. Families never pay for treatment, housing, food or travel. Treatments invented at St. Jude…have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20% to more than 80%. Our desire to support this amazing work at St. Jude is birthed out of our compassion for the suffering of this world. Children hold a special place in our hearts and being able to support this valiant effort gives us such rewarding joy! Their motto… “Finding cures… Saving children”. They truly are our future…remember to give generously!!



Entrepreneurial Mentoring and Funding Program...budding entrepreneurs are selected and given the opportunity to receive mentoring in business start-up and management. After a period of intensive training, they are eligible to apply for funding from Faith Walkers Ministries for their ministry business or outreach project. Look forward to additional information!



Rescue Project

Our goal is to assist in the rescue and safe placement of women and children involved in the human trafficking industry. Destiny Rescue is the International Christian based, non-profit organization that we will be partnering with in this effort. They have rescued over 2300 vulnerable and traumatized children from the sex trade industry.

IMAGINE…your child subjected to this horrifying trauma…God forbid! 
For additional info visit www.destinyrescue.org or follow them on facebook.
Please give liberally so that we can help bring these children to safety!!



Couples and Singles Ministry

The Press produces the Product…in preparation for the Promise!!!

The foundation for Overcomers Victorious Marriages Ministry is found in Psalms 127:1. “Unless the Lord builds the house, they that build it labor in vain…”

We sincerely believe that marriage is ordained of the Lord, and He alone has the ability to sustain it. When we make Him the center and head of our lives and relationships, He will cause us to be victorious, successful, and joyful as we experience long and rewarding marriages.

OUR DESIRE: To see married couples and singles overcome the obstacles that prevents them from experiencing and enjoying a victorious and rewarding marriage relationship.
OUR GOAL: To provide married couples and singles with the tools (wisdom,knowledge and understanding) necessary to achieve their goal of enjoying a victorious and rewarding marriage.
OUR DREAM: To witness couples walking in harmonious love, mutual respect,and sincere admiration for one another, as they enjoy loving for a lifetime…the way God originally intended.
OUR PRAYER: That couples will get to the place where they can love like their heart has never been broken, and forgive like it never hurt. We know that this can only be accomplished thru the healing power of the shed blood of Jesus.


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