Operation S.T.O.P.P.


Operation STOPP is…

Is a grassroots movement dedicated to the principle of “LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL”!!! Our goal is to effect change in biased societal norms and issues regarding civil liberties and social justice inequalities relative to people of color. We are promoting unified community activism from a grassroots level that will encourage progressive and sustainable change in the negative manner in which people of color are perceived and treated in this nation.


Our agenda is straight-forward, we are seeking long-term remedies to these challenging issues being faced by people of color. It is imperative that we have concrete, valid assurances from our government and law enforcement agencies that our concerns are taken seriously, and that immediate action is forthcoming to adequately address them. We seek to unite and collaborate with like-minded movements, coalitions, social and civic entities, individuals and organizations that are seeking to promote positive change within our communities and our nation, relative to people of color. It is critical that the current narrative is relevant, united, and focused on the issues and not the actions of those protesting the issues.

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