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Motivational Speaker | Author | Relationship Coach


Apostle Patricia A. Bunton was saved at the age of six years old and developed a sincere and profound love for the Lord. As a child growing up in rural southern Alabama, she vividly recalls that tumultuous time of racial unrest and fear experienced by people of color. At the age of sixteen she married her high school sweetheart and moved to Vineland, New Jersey, where she spent the next eighteen years raising her children and experiencing life.

“Being married at such a young age has it’s benefits and it’s challenges” she candidly shares. “Neither of us had a clue what we were doing, and believe me it was evidenced by the royal mess we made of our marriage”. But thank God for Jesus, because without His Divine intervention and saving Grace, all would have been lost”. Now, she joyously proclaims “I am one of the youngest looking great-grandmoms you will ever meet and  proud of it”! She and her husband later moved to New Castle, Delaware where she first acknowledged the call of God on her life for ministry. She states that “I have been in church all of my life and I am committed to the kingdom of God and His people”. Apostle Pat “as she is most commonly known” has been ordained as an Evangelist, Minister, Pastor, Prophet, and Apostle.     

She and her husband have traveled extensively and ministered to people in several states, and she has also traveled to Africa on a mission trip. Their joint ministry, Reformation Apostolic & Prophetic Ministries, Inc. (RAP) is primarily an evangelistic outreach ministry to youth, the unsaved, and any underprivileged population in communities nation-wide. Apostle Pat is the founder of Faith Walkers Ministries, an online outreach ministry, as well as Pretty N Pink Women’s Faith & Fellowship ministry which primarily focuses on ministry to women. According to Apostle Pat “the ministry’s desire is to  reach women however, our reach extends to anyone needing the power of God to touch their lives.


“I have always believed that anything was possible to me if I only put my mind to it”


“I have always believed that anything was possible to me if I only put my mind to it” recalls Apostle Pat.

“I instinctively knew that I was destined for something great, even as a child I just knew.

I am a born leader and never accepted no as an answer when I made up my mind to do something…no matter the consequences or outcome” she states. “Even when others doubted my ability to accomplish my dreams I never gave up, and against all odds I continued to pursue greatness” recalls Patricia.

However, Bunton admits that she faced the most devastating challenge of her faith when her husband of 48 years suffered a severe stroke in December of 2014. She recalls “I was completely overwhelmed and could not understand why God would allow such a horrible thing to happen to my husband. We were active in ministry, pursuing our dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and life was good…and then this. I remember crying out to God “how could you allow this to happen?” I admit I was hurt, confused, lost, sad, lonely and beginning to question my faith. But the God of all comfort assured me that He was still in control and brought peace in the midst of my suffering.  Of course life as we once knew it was over for a time. There has been much adjustment and prayer during this season but victory is assured.


“nothing ventured

…nothing gained”

She is an entrepreneur and has owned several businesses and community outreach corporations, “some reasonably successful…others not so much she states, “nothing ventured…nothing gained” is my personal moto”.

Presently, she is the owner of a catering company Southern Comfort Caterers and a custom jewelry line with an online store Kaleidoscope Custom Jewelry. Apostle Pat states “my greatest desire is to equip people to walk in their God-ordained purpose and destiny in the kingdom.  I love training and instructing people in the Truth of God’s Word”. Additionally, she has a heart for entrepreneurs and has received a Divine mandate to finance God ordained visions and businesses in the Kingdom via Faith Walkers Ministries.


Bunton has attended college for psychology, business management & marketing, culinary arts, food service management, addictions counseling, hotel & restaurant management and studied Life & Relationship Coaching.  She has owned two restaurants over the past ten years and has owned her catering business for over 20 years. She is a patented inventor and a published author. She and her husband host marriage ministry events and relationship coaching via “Grown Folks Nite Out” fellowships to couples and singles.          

servant of god.jpg
I am a servant, and I have committed my life to being a viable resource to the advancement of the kingdom of God in the earth.  To God alone be all the Glory!

Patricia shares “I have owned my own home and been homeless, I’ve been a business owner and gainfully employed as well as unemployed and broke, I’ve been hurt by friends and family and healed by love. There has been much laughter as well as much sadness and yes…I have gained and lost much in my lifetime, yet in the entirety of it all…God has always been with me and my source of comfort, help, provision and supply!! He has provided the assurance that…all things are possible to them that believe.

Bunton and her husband currently reside in Dover, DE, and though retired from secular employment, they are actively and joyfully employed in the service of the Lord.

According to Bunton “I am a servant, and I have committed my life to being a viable resource to the advancement of the kingdom of God in the earth.  To God alone be all the Glory!

-Apostle Pat